ComAp’s WebSupervisor is a cloud-based application enabling monitoring, remote management and analysing of equipment from anywhere. It features a map overview of all monitored devices with email and push notifications in case of any occurring alarms. WebSupervisor also allows monitoring of 3rd party devices through Modbus.

Advanced monitoring and reporting

The Pro version of WebSupervisor now gives users the ability to report on groups of gen-sets, which is particularly useful for rental and CHP operators. Users can now select a group of gen-sets which are, for example, all rented by the same customer. The user can calculate the power generated, fuel usage, uptime, etc. on a gen-set group, rather than on individual gen-sets, which leads to simpler invoicing to customers.

Reporting is also enhanced by offering an alarm report as an output of the alarm analyser tool. Users can see an overview of alarms that occurred as a list and also as a graph, together with additional information such as timestamps, the frequency of them and the duration, which is useful in identifying device maintenance issues or repeated user errors.

There is also an API of WebSupervisor available, which can allow users to integrate WebSupervisor data into their business systems or use the data to create individualised advanced reports.


Security is the Top Priority

WebSupervisor runs on Microsoft Azure servers, which are some of the most popular and secure servers in the world and they ensure that your data and access to your monitored equipment is protected.

The latest version of WebSupervisor improves security even further by including an activity logger. It allows the administrator to see all activity on a user’s account, including alarms, in order to identify who was monitoring the equipment when an event occurred. This is especially useful for customers that manage fleets of generators for clients because it allows them to show their client logs of what happened when to get to the root cause of issues.

Even More User Friendly

In the latest WebSupervisor, the menu system has been reorganised to be much more user friendly and to provide access to all the functions that WebSupervisor offers. Users can now ‘favourite’ items in the Trend section to more easily find them later. Users can now customise content on screens to be relevant to their needs. Screen Editor allows a user to modify the layout of the Device Details screen and configure the values which are important for their application. This is useful for the rental and CHP markets, who need to see different information quickly on one screen.

For more information, please visit www.websupervisor.net.