Single or multiple genset controllers

ComAp carry a wide range of single or multiple genset controllers, for gensets operating in standby or parallel modes.


This advanced range of controls has been designed to simplify the installation, configuration and management of these complex applications.

Controllers available for both single and multiple genset applications include:

  • InteliCompact MINT – This controller is designed for single or multiple genset applications, which require automatic mains failure along, paralleling and load sharing functions.
  • ComAp InteliCompact SPtM – Compact genset controller for single genset operating in parallel to mains mode or Auto Mains Failure (AMF) mode with no-break transfers.
  • InteliGenNT – Gen-set controller for single or multiple generating sets operating in standby or parallel modes.
  • InteliGenNTC BaseBox – InteliGen NTC BaseBox is a comprehensive gen-set controller with detachable modular construction for both single and multiple gensets.
  • InteliSys NTC BaseBox – Premium gen-set controller for both single and multiple gensets operating in standby or parallel modes.

These controllers have many standard features, including built-in synchroniser and digital isochronous load-sharer which allow a total integrated solution for gensets in standby, island parallel or main parallel applications. These controllers are also able to control up to 32 gensets.

What are some of the benefits of single or multiple genset controllers?

  • Support of engines with ECU (Electronic Control Unit).
  • Excellent configurability to match customers needs.
  • Many communication options available for easy remote monitoring.
  • Built-in PLC functions.

To learn more on the benefits of specific controllers, head to product pages found below.


So, what are the benefits of running multiple gensets in parallel?

If space and capital is available, running multiple gensets is an attractive option.

In standby applications, the reliability of power supplies are critical. This is certainly the case in applications such as hospitals, bank and data centres. A multiple genset setup will help to ensure critical loads can be supported when combined with controllers from ComAp. They allow for automatic adjustments for variations in load are able to make sure that a minimum number of gensets is online to serve the load.

A multiple genset setup can also make the task of scheduling maintenance simpler. As the risk of interrupting power supply is removed, regular maintenance can take place. This reduces the risk of power failure due to poorly maintained equipment.

A standby power system with multiple generator sets offers operating flexibility that can increase reliability, improve equipment longevity as well as reduce operating costs.


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