MainsCompactNT – ComAp

The ComAp MainsCompact NT is a mains controller specifically designed for multiple systems equipped with the InteliCompact NT MINT genset controllers.

The MainsCompact NT controller is a member of the InteliCompact family designed for the control of up to 31 InteliCompact NT MINT controllers in parallel to mains operation or multiple AMF operation.

It evaluates mains conditions, controls the mains breaker, controls the master generator breaker, starts the genset group and reverse-synchronizes the group to the mains.

The unit automatically starts a genset group and provides peak load shaving from the mains.

What are the main features of the MainsCompact NT?

  • Mains circuit breaker control.
  • Mains protections:
    • Undervoltage, overvoltage.
    • Underfrequency, overfrequency.
    • Vector shift.
    • Binary input for external mains decoupling relay.
  • Optional Master Generator circuit breaker control.
  • AMF function (automatic start of the genset group after mains is failed).
  • True voltage and current RMS measurement.
  • Basic functions:
    • Peak shaving.
    • High tariff avoidance.
    • Mains export limit.
    • MCB control.
    • Optional MGCB control.
    • Test of the Multi-AMF function (with or without load).
    • Soft loading/unloading.
    • Peak Level Start/Stop.
  • 3 phase busbar voltage measurement.
  • 3 phase mains import measurement.
  • Wide range of communication interfaces:
    • RS232.
    • RS485.
    • USB.
    • Modbus.
    • GSM/Analog Modem.
    • Internet communication.
  • GPRS communication.
  • AirGate and WebSupervisor support.
  • Also event and performance log.
  • 2 languages (user changeable).
  • Dimensions 180 × 120 mm.
  • IP65 front panel sealing.