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GAC Magnetic Pickup Sensors are available with a wide range of thread sizes, lead lengths and connectors. ComAp stock a wide range of electronic governing systems for many different engine brands and families. Use our simple product selector to find the combination you need for your engine.

GAC Magnetic Pickup Sensors

GAC Magnetic Pickup Sensors are an integral part of an electronically-governed system

Magnetic speed sensors attach to the flywheel casing and detects when ring gear teeth pass the tip of the sensor. Electrical impulses are produced by the sensor’s internal coil and feed back to the speed control unit, so engine performance can be monitored and adjusted.

GAC’s magnetic pickups are rugged and economic speed sensors. Sturdier than plastic sensors and outperforming semiconductor-type devices at high temperatures, GAC’s encapsulated sensors are unaffected by dust and dirt. Multiple sizes (in both U.S and metric threads) and configurations are available. Wire leads, military connectors, automotive connectors or stud terminals are also available.

Download our datasheet to find out which of our magnetic pickups you’ll need with your particular engine. It will also list corresponding governors and throttle actuators that will complete your electronic governing system.

Why should I switch to electronic governing?

The GAC range of electronic governing systems make it simple to get maximum productivity from your engines and gensets.

With electronic governing:

  • Gensets maintain a constant frequency whatever the load. Sensitive electronic equipment is protected against damaging fluctuations. This is especially important in IT and healthcare.
  • Engines respond faster to load changes – as much as 200 times faster.
  • You improve your fuel economy because an electronic governor accurately sets the engine’s throttle to match the load. That reduces your bills and also your environmental footprint.
  • You avoid the massive disruption of installing a new engine from scratch.

Magnetic Pickup Sensors Technical Specifications

P/N Description
5/8 – 18 UNF Threaded
MSP674 3” w/o Mating Half Connector / High Output
MSP675 3” w 7” Leads
MSP676 5” w 12” Leads
MSP677 3” w/o Mating Half Connector
MSP678* 5” w/o Mating Half Connector
MSP679* 3” Mating Half Connector / Weather Boot
MSP6710* 5” Mating Half Connector / Weather Boot
MSP6719 2.375” w 6” Leads
MSP6720 4” w 6” Leads
MSP6721 3” w Automotive Connector
MSP6721C 3″ w Automotive Connector / Mating Half Connector
MSP6728 3″ Length / Packard Connector
MSP6728C 3” Length / Packard Connector / Mating Half Connector
MSP6732 3” Length / Dual Output / Dual Packard Connectors
MSP6732C 3” Length / Dual Output / Dual Packard Connectors / Mating Half Connector
3/8 – 24 UNF Threaded – 6’ Shielded Cable
MSP6729 2.5”
MSP6730 1.5”
MSP6731 4”
MSP6736 1.2”
3/4 – 16 UNF Threaded – 3.5” Length
MSP6724 Automotive Connector
MSP6724C Automotive Connector / Mating Half Connector
MSP6734 4″ Leads
MSP6735 4″ Leads / Packard Connector
M16 x 1.5 Threaded – 3″ Length
MSP6714 No Mating Half Connector
MSP6715 Mating Half Connector / Weather Boot
MSP6723 Automotive Connector
MSP6723C Automtive Connector / Mating Half Connector


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