InteliVision 5 Display

The InteliVision 5 is one of ComAp’s most popular displays, due to its 5.7″ colour screen and its ability to monitor and control single gensets in numerous applications.

It’s compatible with numerous ComAp controllers, including:

Connected to the controller using RS485 (converters not required), the InteliVision 5 boasts plug and play operation. If further configuration is required, the display features easy drag and drop configuration in a graphical editor.

The buttons allow for simple, fast and intuitive control to find the information that’s important to you and your business.


InteliVision 5 Technical Specifications

Power Supply Range 8-36 VDC
Protection IP65
Operating Temperature -40°C / +70°C
Screen Type TFT
Screen Size 5.7″
Resolution 320 – 140 px
Dimensions 245 x 164 mm