InteliMains 210 – ComAp

The InteliMains 210 is the next generation of mains supervision controller.

The InteliMains 210 is designed for the parallel operation of up to 31 gensets and mains. It offers remote control and monitoring with a flexible, extendable, yet user friendly interface.

  • Synchronising – for multiple up to 31 gen-sets operating in parallel to mains
  • PLC – Utilise the unique, and easy to use PLC drag-and-drop blocks for configuration.
  • New design – Flexibility to change the application e.g. MCB & MGCB.
  • Plug-in modules – Customise your controller with our plug-in extension and communication modules.
  • 4G/LTE – Connect to your gen-set via 4G/LTE for alerts or use ComAp’s WebSupervisor.
  • GPS – Always know the location of your gen-set using geofencing for theft or movement alerts.
  • InteliConfig – The new configuration and monitoring PC tool will offer you multi gen-set control and monitoring as well as easy set-up.

When combined with the InteliGen 200 genset controller, it offers:

  • Two types of synchronisations: Phase Match or Slip Synchro.
  • Wide range of communication and connection capabilities including:
    • USB, CAN and RS485 on board
    • USB master for configuration or firmware upload or download
    • RS232 and additional RS485 via plug-in module
    • internet access using Ethernet, GPRS/3G/4G via plug-in modules
    • configurable Modbus RTU or TCP and support of SNMP protocols v1 or v2c
  • Internal PLC support with PLC editor and monitor included in InteliConfig.
  • Active SMS and emails in different languages.
  • Geofencing and tracking via WebSupervisor.
  • Option for additional inputs/outputs.
  • Flexible event based history with up to 350 events.
  • Multipurpose flexible timers.
  • UL listed certification.


InteliMains 210 Technical Specifications

Power supply range 8 – 36 VDC
RTC battery Replaceable
Operating temperature – 20°C to + 70°C
Operating humidity 95% without condensation
Protection degree IP65 (front panel)
Vibration 5-25 Hz, ±1,6mm
25-100 Hz, a = 4g
Binary inputs 8, non-isolated
Binary outputs 6, non-isolated
Communications USB, RS485, CAN 1 + CAN 2
Display Built-in monochromatic 3.2″
Display resolution 132 x 64 px