ComAp InteliGenNT BaseBox GeCon

The InteliGen NT BaseBox GeCon is a comprehensive generator controller for both single and multiple gensets operating in standby or paralleling modes.

The InteliGen NT BaseBox is extremely flexible so tailored solutions can be chosen depending on application. There is also the option to modify certain parameters for critical applications.

The built-in synchronizer and digital isochronous load sharer allows for a total integrated solution for gensets in standby, island parallel or mains parallel. It also allows parallel operation of up to 32 gensets in one group with power management and load sharing.

When teamed with a powerful graphic display, the user-friendly controls allows any user whatever their ability to find the information they need.

GeCon controllers provide comprehensive generator protection and control for single or multiple gensets. With GeCon software installed, the primary function of the controller is to manage and protect the generator in preference to the engine. As such, the GeCon controller can be used in applications where engine management or protection is not required or where the generator is powered by another source such as a turbine controlled by an external PLC.


What are the main features of the InteliGen NT BaseBox Gecon controller?

  • Complete integrated generator solution and signal sharing via CAN bus – minimum external components needed.
  • Many communication options – easy remote supervising and servicing.
  • To be used in conjunction with detachable colour displays InteliVision 5 or InteliVision 8.
  • Generator performance log for easy problem tracing.
  • Automatic synchronizing and control breaker.
  • AMF function, Baseload, Import / Export, Peak shaving, Voltage and PF control (AVR).
  • Generator measurement: U, I, Hz, kW, kVAr, kVA, PF, kWh, kVAhr.
  • Mains measurement: U, I, Hz, kW, kVAr, PF.
  • Inputs and outputs configurable for various customer needs.
  • Bipolar binary outputs – possibility to use BO as High or Low side switch.
  • RS232 interface with Modbus support; Analog / GSM / ISDN / CDMA modem support; SMS messages; ECU Modbus interface.
  • Controller redundancy.
  • Event-based history (up to 1000 records) with customer-selectable list of stored values; RTC; statistic values.
  • Integrated PLC programmable functions.
  • Integrated fixed and configurable protections.
  • DIN-Rail mount.
  • Customized firmware solution.