InteliDrive CCU

The InteliDrive CCU is a highly sophisticated and flexible controller, featuring outstanding control, monitoring and protection designed for compressor applications.

ComAp InteliDrive CCU controller

The InteliDrive CCU enables the control of the Air Fuel ratio of gas engines. It is dedicated for either stoichiometric applications or lean burn.

Designed to be highly flexible, the InteliDrive CCU can communicate with a wide range of EFI engines and can be expanded by means of additional modules to offer over 100 binary inputs and outputs.

The InteliDrive CCU features a powerful graphic display providing user-friendly information in an easy to understand format – making it suitable for any skill set. The diagnostic information is available in intelligible plain text instead of potentially misleading cryptic codes or flashing lights.

What are the main features of the InteliDrive CCU?

  • Full communication support of engines with ECU – simpler wiring, access to information from ECU via Modbus.
  • Event driven History record, easy back-tracking and problem solving.
  • Load sharing for propulsion engines – better power utilization of installed engines.
  • Slave panels available – economical solution of remote control.
  • Integrated clutch control – less wiring and components.
  • Many types of communication – easy supervision and servicing.
  • Engine control, monitoring and protection.
  • Graphic back-lit LCD display with icons and bar graphs.
  • Sealed membrane panel to IP65.
  • 3 level password protection.
  • InteliDrive controller meets several forcing counter standards (EN, UL, CSA, NFPA).
  • Internal – configurable PLC functions.

Technical Specifications

Binary inputs 14
Binary outputs 14
Analog inputs 8
Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
Communication RS232
Dimensions 180 x 120 mm

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