Hybrid genset controls

Hybrid genset controls such as the ComAp InteliSysNTC Hybrid generator controller is specifically designed to power systems that combine diesel and renewable forms of power generation.

Hybrid genset controls

The ComAp InteliSysNTC Hybrid generator controller aims to deliver between 20 – 50% energy from renewable sources.

Why Hybrid genset controls?

There are several reasons why people start to think about adding renewable energy sources to conventional
sources. Operators of diesel generator sites are under increasing pressure due to high amount of emissions produced. They may also come to realise the threat of being dependent on a single fuel supply.

Hybrid is an attractive option over diesel due to the cost involved. Operational costs of a diesel station are not only about the diesel purchase price, but the difficulty in transporting it to remote locations.

Among the most important benefits are:

  • Less diesel burnt.
  • Less CO2 produced.
  • Also lower dependency on diesel supply.


What are typical Hybrid applications?

Islands, mines and remote locations where renewable sources are used to supplement diesel gensets are well suited for a Hybrid system. These will include:

  • Remote towns, resorts and communities.
  • Remote manufacturing facilities.
  • Agricultural sites.
  • Military.


ComAp Hybrid controller

The InteliSysNTC Hybrid generator controller brings diesel and renewable power sources together to provide an economic energy solution that has the ability to match the reliability of a diesel-only system.

This controller was developed because of the increasing focus on the environmental aspects of power generation and the need to meet reduced emission targets – as well as the savings to be made from using a renewable source of power.

The controller continuously monitors data from all sources of energy including solar, wind or hydro as well as gensets. Should the energy production from the source of renewable energy drop below a certain threshold, the system automatically starts a backup diesel generator to ensure the continuation of power. The ComAp controller automatically starts synchronizes and loads the gensets to run smoothly alongside the renewable source.

ComAp’s new Cloud Forecasting  System is a complementary extension of ComAp´s hybrid microgrid controller InteliSys NTC Hybrid, which significantly increases the efficiency of the site operation while maintaining the high reliability and safety of power supply provision. Watch this short animation to learn more:


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