GAC GNS2500 Series

The GAC GNS2500 Series is a family of highly-flexible generator set controllers for AMF applications. The GNS2500 genset controller, designed for both electronically and mechanically controlled engines, is ruggedly constructed with simple-to-use microprocessor technology.

The GAC GNS2500 Series monitors the mains voltage and frequency, to detect loss of mains power. Once one of these mains protections is tripped, the GNS will automatically start the generator, open the MCB, then close the GCB.

The MCB can be configured to open at the immediate loss of mains or at “generator ready to load”. Upon the return of a stable mains, the GNS2500 will open the GCB then close the MCB.

Programming the GNS2500 Series is easily done with the front panel navigation keys and the large LCD display or with GAC’s enhanced smartVu™ configuration software. The controller senses engine parameters directly via 4 analog inputs and it can communicate with the engine’s electronic control unit via J1939 CAN bus protocol.

The programmable inputs and outputs are engineered to allow the user to easily customise the operation as desired.


What are the main features of the GAC GNS2500 AMF genset controller?

  • Engine start / stop control.
  • Engine & generator monitoring & protection.
  • Remote monitoring & alerts.
  • Comprehensive metering.
  • Auto generator start at loss of utility.
  • 18 configurable binary inputs & outputs.
  • 2 Form and 2 Form C relays.
  • 4 versatile analog inputs that support:
    • VDO.
    • 5 VDC.
    • 0-20 mA.
    • Resistive (0-2.4K).
    • Thermocouple (Type K).
  • Simultaneous multi-lingual support.
  • Local, remote & no display support.
  • Multiple security levels & panel lock.
  • User friendly SmartVU™ configuration software.
  • Communication via:
    • RS-232/485.
    • SAE J1939.
    • MODBUS.
    • Modem support for remote monitoring.
    • SMS support.
    • Ethernet.
  • 600V robust design (min. 25% over voltage allowed).
  • UL recognized, CUL recognized, CE approval.
  • NFPA110 Level 2 compatible.
  • Industrial temperature range.
  • Resistant to salt fog, humidity, dust, dirt and chemical contaminants.
  • Audible & tactile F / B on buttons for gloved fingers.