GenPilot Genset Remote Monitoring Software

GenPilot is genset remote monitoring software that has been developed specifically for suppliers to the Capacity Market. It allows you to monitor and control diesel and/or gas genset fleets in remote locations. It gives you the opportunity to maximise the revenue and lower operating costs on genset farms.


This software provides the operator with a powerful set of tools and analytics for managing multiple sites that supply to the Capacity Market.

Engine and generator parameters and a wide range of alarm functions are instantly displayed on GenPilot’s dashboard. Fuel consumption, engine temperatures and pressures and engine output and performance can be measured.

The software provides fingertip control of the start/stop of the genset and mode changes between STOR, FFR etc.

The software also enables the resetting of individual gensets or multiple genset site alarms. This reset can either be manual or automated with the latter providing the fastest possible reconnection of gensets, getting them back online quickly. The software allows you to choose which faults cannot be reset, so you can’t clear an alarm that would permit a major failure.

GenPilot software will also assist in the prevention of fuel theft. If fuel suddenly ‘disappears’, if consumption increases or even if fuel just drops below a safe level, GenPilot triggers an alarm.


GenPilot for the capacity market

Companies who have bid for, and successfully won power generation contracts from the National Grid will have large sites of gensets across the UK.

They may be operating in different modes, including:

  • Fast Frequency Response (FFR) – extremely fast response to changes in grid conditions. Gensets must be online within 20 seconds. Huge fines face companies that don’t meet their targets.
  • Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) – the National Grid’s most important source of reserve energy. STOR power should be supplied in minutes continue for up to two hours.

Features within GenPilot will assist with the organisation of large fleets of gensets and the complex reporting required by the National Grid.


What are the main features of the GenPilot genset remote monitoring software?

GenPilot’s main features include:

  • Automatic report generation (National Grid).
  • Calendar function for easy genset management.
  • Hosting on ComAp’s secure cloud-based servers or from your own.
  • View gensets by site, group or individually.
  • Communication via MODBUS.
  • Monitor key generator performance metrics such as total energy produced, power quality etc.
  • Instant alerts of alarms/faults via SMS, email or central dashboard.