Electronic Governing System – GAC

A GAC electronic governing system upgrade will get you the most possible out of your engines and gensets. Without spending a fortune, you can get maximum productivity and efficiency.

GAC electronic governing system

ComAp stocks a wide range of GAC engine governors, magnetic pickup sensors and actuators

Older, mechanically-governed engines are often one step away from the scrap heap. With age, they will become increasingly inefficient compared to the modern competition and struggling to comply with emissions regulations. Our natural reaction is to replace them with a newer unit but this can be a very costly and disruptive decision.

There is another option which will give you increased efficiency and fuel economy without changing your engine.

That option is electronic governing.

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Why should I switch to a GAC electronic governing system?

If you add electronic governing to your older engines and gensets it’ll suddenly give them a new lease of life. With electronic governing:

  • You’ll be able to maintain a constant frequency whatever the load. You’ll get exactly what you need out of your engine exactly when you need it. Not only that, but sensitive electronic equipment is protected against damaging fluctuations. This is especially important in IT and healthcare when power simply can’t fail.
  • Engines respond faster to load changes – as much as 200 times faster than mechanical governing.
  • You improve your fuel economy because electronic governing accurately sets the engine’s throttle to match the load. That reduces your bills as well as your environmental footprint.
  • You avoid the massive disruption of installing a new engine from scratch. Upgrading to an electronic governing system is a surprisingly simple and quick process and can save you thousands.

ComAp carry a huge range of GAC electronic governing products that are suited for many gensets, compressors and other applications and also are compatible with a wide range of engines: Perkins, Kubota, Isuzu, Farymann, Mitsubishi, Shibuara and Yanmar.


Who benefits from upgrading to a GAC electronic governing system?

Gensets: With electronic governing, older gensets can supply consistent, reliable power to sensitive equipment such as IT and healthcare systems.

By adding isochronous speed control and paralleling options you can bring older equipment back into active use without the expense of a major upgrade.

Pumps / Compressors / Welding rigs / Refrigeration units / Construction equipment / Lifts / Winches: Electronic governing can be economically applied to engines in applications from irrigation pumps on farms to lifting gear in mines.

With much faster response to transient load changes, electronically governed engines provide smoother and more consistent power to the equipment they serve.

Electronic governing systems reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact because they move the throttle to any position between fully open and fully closed. Mechanical governors use full throttle even under a modest load.

Making the upgrade to an electronic governing system

The Electronic Throttle Actuator.
  • The electronic throttle actuator replaces the engine’s mechanical throttle. Electronic throttle actuators deliver fast, precise throttle control.
  • Load response improves because actuators react 200 times faster than mechanical.
  • Fuel economy improves because the actuators can move to any position between fully open and fully closed. If you need 50% power, they open the throttle 50%. Mechanical will have them either open or closed.
The Electronic Engine Governor.
  • The electronic engine governor is the brains of the system and it delivers fast, no-droop response to load changes and isochronous speed control for gensets.
  • Digital and analogue governors are available for different applications.
  • Optional load-sharing modules are available for isochronous paralleling with other gensets, load sharing and mains power control.
The Magnetic Pickup Sensor.
  • The magnetic pickup sensor attaches to the flywheel casing. It feeds accurate speed data back to the controller so engine performance can be monitored and adjusted.
  • A wide variety of magnetic pickup sensors are available for engines from Perkins, Kubota, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Farymann and Shibauru.

Electronic Governing System Video

This video shows just how simple it is to install a GAC ALR actuator onto your engine. In less than 90 seconds, you’ll see the original solenoid removed and the new actuator attached and ready to go.

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