Electronic Governors – GAC

GAC’s electronic governors are suitable for many applications and engine types. The electronic governor is the brains of the system and works with the magnetic pickup sensors and electronic throttle actuators.

GAC electronic governors

The huge range of GAC governors include the EDG6000 digital controller and the ESD5120 analog controller.


Intelligent and responsive electronic governors

Electronic governors deliver fast, no-droop response to load changes and isochronous speed control for gensets. They are up to 200 times faster than mechanical governors. This means that there is no droop on gen-sets, so power stays constant under variable loads on pumps and other engine applications.

Digital controllers are extremely flexible, and they can be fed with various speed request inputs such as:

  • throttles.
  • levers.
  • pots.
  • and PLCs.

ComAp stock a range of both digital and analogue governors, suitable for many different applications. Optional load-sharing modules are also available for isochronous paralleling with other gensets, load sharing and mains power control.

Our range of digital controllers include the EDG6000 and analogue governors include the ESD5120.


Why should I switch to electronic governing?

The GAC range of electronic governing systems make it simple to get maximum productivity from your engines and gensets.

With electronic governing:

  • Gensets maintain a constant frequency whatever the load. Sensitive electronic equipment is protected against damaging fluctuations. This is especially important in IT and healthcare.
  • Engines respond faster to load changes – as much as 200 times faster.
  • You improve your fuel economy because an electronic governor accurately sets the engine’s throttle to match the load. This reduces your bills and your environmental footprint.

It’s easy to run older gen-sets parallel to mains or to other gen-sets when electronically governed. As a result, you can keep older equipment in active use whilst avoiding the expense and disruption of a major engine upgrade.

We carry a wide range of governors that are compatible with:

  • Perkins.
  • Kubota.
  • Yanmar.
  • Mitsubishi.
  • Isuzu.
  • Farymann.
  • and Shibaura engines.

We can guide you using a simple product selector to the correct combination of governor, actuator and pick up that you’ll need for your engine.

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