The ESD5200 governor is an all-electronic device designed to control engine speed with fast and precise response to transient load changes.

This closed loop control, when connected to a proportional electric actuator and supplied with a magnetic speed sensor signal, will control a wide variety of engines in an isochronous or droop mode. It is designed for high reliability and it’s hard potted to withstand the engine environment.


What are the main features of the GAC ESD5200 electronic governor?

  • Multi-Voltage Units
  • Isochronous, Variable & Droop Operation
  • Adjustable PID
  • Idle Speed Adjustment
  • Auxiliary Accessory Inputs
  • Single Element Speed Switc
  • 10 AMP Relay Output

Simplicity of installation and adjustment was foremost in the design. Non interacting performance controls allow near optimum response to be easily obtained.

Other features include:

  • Adjustable droop and idle operation.
  • Inputs for accessories used in multi-engine or special applications.
  • A single element speed switch.
  • Protection against reverse battery voltage.
  • Transient voltages.
  • Accidental sort circuit of the actuator and fail-safe design in the event of loss of speed sensor signal or battery supply.

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