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The GAC electronic actuators for generators are designed to deliver fast, precise throttle control and replaces the engine’s mechanical throttle.

Electronic actuators are an integral part of an electronic governing system, alongside the electronic engine governor and magnetic pickup sensor.

Load response on engines and gensets will improve. This is because actuators react 200 times faster than mechanical throttles.

Fuel economy will also improve because GAC electric actuators are linear actuators; they can move to any position between fully open and fully closed. If you need 50% power, they open the throttle 50%. Mechanical throttles can only be open or closed. This is unnecessary on applications using variable speed such as pumps or compressors. They don’t require full speed at all times.


Why should I switch to electronic governing? 

There are many other benefits in making the switch from mechanical governing to electronic. With electronic governing:

  • Gensets and engines can maintain a constant frequency whatever the load. Sensitive electronic equipment is protected against damaging fluctuations such as droop or overshoot. This is especially important in IT and healthcare.
  • Engines respond up to 200 times faster to load changes than engines with mechanical governing.
  • You improve your fuel economy. This is because an electronic governor accurately sets the engine’s throttle to match the load. This means if you need 50% power it will open the throttle to 50%. There is no in between with mechanical throttles, they’re either open or closed. Electronic governing will reduce your bills and environmental footprint. It’s the ideal solution for non-genset applications.
  • You avoid the massive disruption of installing a new engine from scratch. The upgrade is simple and quick.

Upgrading from mechanical governing to electronic governing is simple and quick so is ideal for retrofitting. The actuator takes less than 5 minutes to install as there’s no complicated linkages.

Installation of electronic actuators for generators

This short video shows the speed of changing from a mechanically-governed to electric actuator. It is very quick.


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