GAC ATB Series

The GAC ATB Series throttle body electric actuators are designed to control the air or air/fuel mixture to a gas or gaseous-fueled engine and are a part of an electronic governing system.

They are typically used to control an engine by working in tandem with a conventional fuel mixer.

The design baseline for the ATB Series incorporates fast response and proven reliability to allow for efficient and more precise control.

The ATB Series from GAC actuator directly drives the throttle plate. Internal return springs provide for a normally closed valve for fail-safe operation. This insures that the throttle plate returns to the minimum fuel position when the actuator becomes de-energized.

ATB Series actuators are also designed to accept system battery voltages of either 12 or 24 VDC and are available with a throttle position feedback sensor.


What are the main features of the GAC ATB Actuator Series?

  • Cost effective, maintenance free, compact design.
  • Various bore sizes available (25 – 120 mm).
  • Precise, real-time engine speed control.
  • Flexible design for engine, manifold & fuel mixer considerations.
  • Options for corrosive environmental conditions.
  • Rapid response to transient load condition.
  • Optional throttle position feedback sensor.
  • Mounts in any position, no mechanical linkage, no mounting brackets.
  • Idle adjustment screw.
  • Optional high temp & sealed versions for turbo-charged engines.


Technical Specifications

GAC ATB Actuator Series
Maximum throttle plate rotation 65°
Ambient operating temperature range -40°C to +150°C
Relative humidity up to 100%
IP66 whole unit Sealed for dust & temporary flooding
Vibration ± 4 G, 25 to 100 Hz
Shock 20 G, 11 msec
Rated life > 40 million cycles

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