GAC ADE175 Series

GAC ADE175 Integral fuel pump mounting actuators are fitted in place of the mechanical flyweight governor assembly on Bosch “P” type inline fuel injector pumps.

The ADE175 is designed for engines with fuel displacement of between 6 and 9 Litres.

Main features of the GAC ADE175:

  • Mounts directly to a Bosch P Series Fuel Injection Pump
  • Right-hand rack
  • Capable of controlling pumps on engines up to 8-cyl
  • Includes manual shut-off mechanism
  • Connects directly to the fuel rack bellows
  • Compact size, fast response <35msec
  • Cost effective design
  • Feedback position available

The actuators are are pre-fixed for 12 or 24vdc battery systems. Electrically terminated with Delphi heavy duty 2 part connectors.

The actuators incorporate mechniacl fuel limiting function and mechnical connnection for the interfacing of a remote fuel solenoid for mechnical overide of the actuator and fuel injection rack

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