GAC ADC120 Series

GAC ADC120 series electric actuators are remote mounting actuators for remotely controlling low inertia Diesel fuel injector pumps or gas throttle bodies. The actuators are mechanically interfaced to the fuel system by a mechanical ball joint linkage.

It is a universal actuator for fuel systems on engines up to 150 HP.

Main features of the GAC ADC120:

  • Rotary output linear torque proportional servo
  • Small, low cost, low friction model
  • 1.0 lb-ft of torque, 25° rotation, < 32 msec. response
  • Suitable for rotary or small inline fuel pumps of small carburetors
  • Ideal for fuel systems on engines up to 150 HP

The actuators are prefixed for 12 or 24vdc operation, electrically terminated with 2 part heavy duty automotive connectors and supplied with cable harness and thottle linkage lever.

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