GAC ACB275 Series

The GAC ACB275 electric actuator is an integral fuel pump mounting actuator to enable direct fuel rack control of Bosch “P” type P3000 and P7000 fuel injector pumps.

Main features:

  • Mounts directly to a Bosch P 3000-7000 Series Fuel Injection Pump
  • Capable of controlling pumps on engines up to 12 cyc
  • Optimum performance for inline pumps
  • Heavy duty (HD) bearing retention option available
  • Includes manual shut-off mechanism
  • Feedback position available
  • Can be installed on a Bosch A Pump with a special adapter kit

The actuator incorporates a built in position feedback sensor to enable monitoring of fuel rack postion to enable fuel management.

The actuator is electrically terminated with a 6 pin MIL SPEC PLUG and can be configured for use on 12,24 or 32vdc batery supplies.

The actuator also incorporates mechanical fuel limiting function and a facility for the remote connection of a fuel solenoid for mechanical fuel shutdown overide.

A range of pre-assembled cable harneses and mating connectors are available

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