GAC ACB2001 Series

GAC ACB2001 remote mounting actuator is a remote mounting (wide rotary travel) electric actuator which is GAC’s largest actuator.

This universal actuator suitable for large carburetors, large fuel pumps, and multiple-injector systems.

Main features of the GAC 2001:

  • Rotary output linear torque proportional servo
  • 7.5 lb. ft. Torque, 35° degree rotation, < 80 msec. response
  • Sized for engines from 400-1800 hp
  • Suitable for large carburetors, large fuel pumps, and multiple-injector system
  • Feedback sensor available
  • Engine application includes large block pumps and dual medium and some large size carburetors

The actuator is designed for use on high pressure and high inertia based fuel injector systems.

The actuator mechanically interfaces to the fuel injector system by the use of a ball joint linkage arrangement.

The actuator is electrically terminated with a 2 pole screw terminal connector assembly on the main actuator housing. The actuator operates on 24vdc battery supply only.

The actuator is supplied with dedicated actuator control lever for mechanical interfacing.

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