ECON-4 Speed Governor – ComAp

The ComAp ECON-4 speed governor is dedicated for speed control of gas or diesel engines.

ECON-4 speed governor

ECON-4 guarantees precise and fast speed control in variable load applications (island operation) and precise load control in network parallel operation. ECON-4 can also control different types of actuators (linear, bridge, low voltage signal) providing up to 8A continuous signal which makes it a general speed controller for almost every actuator on the market.

Additionally, the ECON-4 can be connected with the gen-set control system via CAN line which significantly reduce and simplify the wiring and commissioning work.

The ideal gas genset package:

ComAp have an innovative portfolio of products which work together to maximise the efficiency and earning potential of your gas gensets:

InteliSys Gas. The main control unit that talks to the system’s ignition systems, anti-knock protection, speed governors, AFR systems, pumps, three-way valves, louvres, fans, etc. It brings a level of integration to gas gensets that is only normally seen in diesel units.
InteliVision 12 Touch. The advanced panel offers superior visualisation of engine status and diagnosis of all the on-engine modules and ancillary components connected to the InteliSys Gas.
I/O Modules. Integrate binary and analogue readings from temperature, pressure and other sensors.

Learn more about ComAp’s solution by watching this short video:

What are the main features of the ComAp ECON-4 speed governor?

  • Wide range of supported actuators within one hardware.
  • Precise throttle position control, with optional position feedback utilization.
  • Different modes of control – over Binary signals, over Analogue signals, over CAN line (with specific ComAp controllers and firmwares).
  • Load dependent PID adjustment possibility for variable load applications (e.g. Oil & Gas industry).
  • Droop operation function.
  • Overspeed protection.
  • Configurable with ComAp PC tool (WinScope).
  • Data Interface with InteliSys Gas controller over CAN line.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 8-36Vdc.
Binary inputs: 8.
Analog inputs: 2 non electrically separated.
Speed control type: Binary / Analogue / Data.
Operating Temperature: -30 to +70°C.
Dimensions (h x w x d): 151 x 155 x 65 mm.
Weight: 600g.