InteliVision 8 Display

The ComAp InteliVision 8 is a colour display unit designed as a simple, easy-to-use Plug and Play solution. It delivers high visibility of all engine data, monitoring information and trend history in a bright, colourful and forward looking design.

InteliVision 8 comes with the large high-resolution colour TFT display, which helps visibility and definition of onscreen information. The control interface has user-friendly, intuitive active buttons – giving users access to more information in less time.

The InteliVision 8 also includes ComAp’s standard communication interface using RS232/485 and CAN bus communication. The ComAp InteliVision 8 is designed to be mounted in both monitoring and engine room.

What are the main features of the ComAp InteliVision 8?

  • 8” colour TFT display with resolution 800 × 600 pixels.
  • Customized initial screen logo and the content of a controller help.
  • Same language support as InteliGenNT, InteliSysNT, InteliMainsNT, InteliDrive DCU and InteliDrive Mobile.
  • Allows full monitoring of ONE controller (in case of more controllers on CAN it is possible to switch over among controllers monitoring by change of CAN address).
  • The same dimensions as IS-Display (possible as a replacement for IG-Display LT GC, IS-Display or I-RD-CAN)
  • Connection via of RS232/485 and CAN bus.
  • Possibility to mount InteliGenNT BaseBox, InteliGenNTC BaseBox, InteliSysNTC BaseBox and InteliSysNT BaseBox to the rear side of InteliVision 8.
  • Windows CE operating system.
  • Operating temperature: –20 to + 70°C.
  • Face is sealed to IP65 EMC, climatic and mechanical tests.
  • CE, UL certification.

Technical Specifications

Power supply range: 8-36 Vdc.
Operating temperature: -20 to +70° C.
Front panel protection: IP65.
LCD panel: 8″.
Resolution: 800 × 600 px.
Operating system: Windows CE 6.0.
Dimensions: 289.5 x 186 mm.
Weight: 1600g.

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