InteliVision 12Touch Display

The ComAp InteliVision 12 Touch is an industrial grade panel equipped with 12.1” colour multi-touch screen. When paired with a ComAp controller, such as the InteliSys Gas, it allows the operator to visualise and control single gen-set in various applications.

ComAp Intelivision 12 Touch

The advanced panel offers superior visualisation of engine status and diagnosis of all the on-engine modules and ancillary components connected to the InteliSys Gas. As a result of precise diagnosis of failures in the gas genset enables the problem to be fixed quickly with the right engineer, the right skills and the right parts.

The ideal gas genset package:

ComAp have an innovative portfolio of products which work together to maximise the efficiency and earning potential of your gas gensets:

InteliSys Gas. The main control unit that talks to the system’s ignition systems, anti-knock protection, speed governors, AFR systems, pumps, three-way valves, louvres and fans etc. It brings a level of integration to gas gensets that is only normally seen in diesel units.
ECON-4 The speed governor provides fast and precise load control in networked parallel operation.
I/O Modules. Integrate binary and analogue readings from temperature, pressure and other sensors.

When combined with the InteliSys Gas controller and ComAp’s ECON-4 speed governor, you’ll have an ideal gas genset solution. Learn more by watching this short video:

What are the main features of the ComAp InteliVision 12 Touch?

  • 12.1″ Capacitive Touch Screen with resolution 1280 x 800 px.
  • Industrial and robust design.
  • Chemically strengthened front glass (8 times as strong as normal glass).
  • 4GB internal storage and USB connectivity for data logging and management.
  • Rugged housing manufactured from a single piece of aluminium alloy.
  • Temperature range from -30 to +70° C.
  • Sun-readable display (1000 cd/m2).
  • Automatic brightness control.

Technical Specifications

Power supply range: 8-36 Vdc
Operating temperature: -30 to +70°C
Front panel protection: IP65
Interfaces: RS-485
Ethernet Port
USB Port B (Device)
2 x USB Port A (Host)
LCD panel: 12.1″
Resolution: 1280 x 800 px
Colour depth: 16.7M (TrueColour)
Viewing angle: -85 to +85° (H/V)
Housing: Aluminium Alloy
Front glass: Chemically Strengthened Antiglare
Mounting: 6 integrated clips
Operating system: Microsoft Windows CE 7
Dimensions: 311 x 206 mm
Weight: 2400g

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