ComAp InteliSysNTC Hybrid

ComAp’s InteliSysNTC Hybrid controller offers complex control of PV/Diesel hybrid applications. It allows smooth integration of renewable energy to conventional power generation from reciprocating gensets while maintaining high reliability, safety and efficiency of the site.

comap InteliSysNTC Hybrid

The ComAp InteliSysNTC Hybrid controller aims to deliver between 20% and 50% energy from renewable sources.

The InteliSysNTC Hybrid controller automatically starts, synchronises and loads the gen-sets to run smoothly alongside the renewable source.

The ComAp controller also features a Dynamic Spinning Reserve function. This allows change to the number of gensets running depending on the amount of power that is being produced by renewables. This will ensure that the system can cover the drop in the renewable generator output.

The InteliSysNTC Hybrid can manage the operation of 32 gensets to ensure a smooth and reliable power supply. It will manage the output from gensets of different sizes, power outputs as well as different manufacturers, automatically choosing the most efficient combination of power sources.

What is hybrid power?

Hybrid power systems combine diesel and renewable forms of power generation. They are well suited to islands, mines and also other remote locations where renewable sources supplement the power generated by diesel gensets.

The cost of diesel and the difficulty in transport it to remote locations make hybrid power an attractive option. The ComAp InteliSysNTC Hybrid bring diesel and renewable power sources together to provide an economical energy solution that matches the reliability of traditional diesel-only systems.

What are the main features of the InteliSysNTC Hybrid controller?

  • Inbuilt power management and load sharing.
  • Protection against genset underloading.
  • Dynamic spinning reserve calculation for maximized fuel savings.
  • Support of up to 100% renewable energy penetration*.
  • Extensive flexibility due to built-in PLC.
  • PV output control via analog output or Modbus.
  • Continuous monitoring of all sources of energy.
  • Inputs and outputs configurable for various customer needs.
  • Interface to remote display units (InteliVision 8, InteliVision 5 RD, InteliVision 17Touch).
  • USB 2.0 slave interface.
  • Ethernet, Modbus as well as CAN communication.
  • Event-based history (up to 4000 records).
  • 160 additional programmable protections.


InteliSysNTC Hybrid
Power supply range 8 – 36 V DC
Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C
Measurement inputs 3ph-n voltage
3ph-n Mains/Bus voltage
No. of binary inputs 4 non-isolated
No. of binary outputs 4 non-isolated
No. of analog inputs 1 non-isolated
Dimensions (h x w x d) 168 x 223 x 69 mm