InteliSys Gas controller – ComAp

The InteliSys Gas is an industrial grade controller designed for gas powered generators mainly used in CHP (Cogeneration) and power generation applications.

intelisys gas

The InteliSys Gas is a specifically designed controller for gas powered generators.

Specifically developed for the gas powered generators, the InteliSys Gas helps to improve safety and efficiency of the complete plant operation whilst being easy to use.

The InteliSys Gas controls, monitors and protects the generator set according to defined setpoints and its configuration. It supports communication with a wide range of on-engine modules and ancillary components like ignitions and speed governors from Motortech, Heinzmann, Altronic, etc. This simplifies troubleshooting, diagnostics and remote monitoring of the entire system, not just the gas engine.

The InteliSys Gas can also be connected to the new innovative InteliVision 12 Touch Display for perfect HMI experience when high numbers of data has to be visualized and processed.

The ideal gas genset package:

ComAp have an innovative portfolio of products which work together to maximise the efficiency and earning potential of your gas gensets:

InteliVision 12 Touch. The advanced panel offers superior visualisation of engine status and diagnosis of all the on-engine modules and ancillary components connected to the InteliSys Gas.
ECON-4. The speed governor provides fast and precise load control in networked parallel operation.
I/O Modules. Integrate binary and analogue readings from temperature, pressure and other sensors.

When combined with the InteliVision 12 Touch display and ComAp’s ECON-4 speed governor, you’ll have an ideal gas genset solution.

Gas genset controls applications include:

Combined Heat & Power
CHP is the use of a generator to produce both electricity and useful heat at the same time. CHP is an efficient use of generating electricity, as it uses the heat produced from electricity generation which is usually discarded as waste.

STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve)
At certain times of the day National Grid needs access to sources of extra power, to be able to deal with actual demand being greater than forecast demand and/or unforeseen unavailability. STOR is the largest incremental revenue opportunity for your gas-fired generators.

FFR (Fast Frequency Response)
Fast frequency response sites respond to failures at large power stations, and must be up and running within 30 seconds. These sites offer only short term sources of power, as the power station is likely to be back up and running in 30 minutes.

Integrated AFR control

The ComAp InteliSys Gas offers integrated AFR control (air-fuel ratio) as an option. The AFR function precisely regulates the mixture of air and fuel to allow the engine to run at its most efficient and minimise emissions.

InteliSys Gas supports AFR control mechanisms dedicated to both lean and rich burn, turbocharged or naturally-aspirated engines all in one solution. This makes life simpler for operators and service technicians as one solution suits an entire fleet of engines.

InteliSys Gas can control any AFR actuator or variable mixer. It is able to support open-loop AFR systems (measurement of boost pressure and temperature), closed loop systems (Lambda sensor, NOx sensor or cylinder temperature) or a combination of measurements depending on your requirements.

The InteliSys Gas opens the door to variable load applications for gas gensets.

What are the main features of the InteliSys Gas controller?

  • Predefined adjustable functions tailored to gas engine specific needs.
  • Large built-in PLC interpret to suit individual needs and demanding applications like CHPs.
  • Full control of the circuit breakers like Generator Breaker and Mains Breaker.
  • Automatic Synchronization and kW/kVAr Control to safely connect your generator to the bus and run in stable operation.
  • SIL2 certification for selected channels.
  • Temperature or other Process based Power Control to safely stay within your operational conditions especially for CHP applications.
  • Grid codes requirements support (e.g. VDE-AR-N4105, BDEW Richtlinien).
  • Support wide range of applications from single to multiple, from island to network parallel operation.
  • Plug&Play support of ComAp InteliVision display family.
  • Automatic synchronization and power control (via speed governor).
  • Baseload, Imp / Exp, TempByPower, Peak shaving, Voltage and PF control (AVR bias output).
  • Event-based and PreMortem history with customer selectable list of stored values, RTC and statistic values.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply. 8 – 36 VDC.
Binary Inputs. 16 non-isolated.
Binary Outputs. 16 non-isolated.
Analog Inputs. 4 non-isolated.
Analog Outputs. 1.
Operating Temperature. -40°C to +70°C.
Dimensions (mm). 168 x 223 x 69.
Weight. 950g.
Communications. RS232.
Display port.
USB port.
Ethernet port.