ComAp InteliGen 200

The new ComAp InteliGen 200 introduces a new era in parallel genset control. The power and reliability of InteliGen, combined with the design and flexibility of the InteliLite gives you the best paralleling controller ComAp have ever made.


The InteliGen 200 allows you to choose the configuration that best suits your application. Add more inputs and outputs, add GPS or 4G/LTE communications – it’s up to you.

Get InteliGen power in a compact package:

  • Synchronising – Optimise your genset usage or parallel different sizes and brands of generators.
  • PLC – Utilise the unique, and easy to use PLC drag-and-drop blocks for configuration.
  • New Design – Flexibility to change the application e.g. SPtM and MINT.
  • Built in AVRi – You no longer need a separate AVRi interface in your installation.
  • Plug-in modules – Customise your controller with plug-in extension and communication modules.
  • 4G/TE – Connect to your genset via 4G/LTE for alerts or use ComAp’s WebSupervisor.
  • GPS – Always know the location of your genset using geofencing for theft or movement alerts.
  • InteliConfig – The new configuration and monitoring PC tool (based on new LiteEdit) will offer you multi genset control and monitoring as well as easy set-up.


What are the main features of the ComAp InteliGen 200 controller?

  • Multiple Island or Single Parallel to Mains applications both in one controller
  • PLC support with PLC editor and monitor
  • Perfect solution for rental applications:
    • Rental timers
    • Geofencing and tracking via WebSupervisor*
    • Alternative configuration
    • Droop and Emergency droop
  • Load sharing and VAr sharing via CAN
  • Wide communication capabilities including:
    • Integrated USB for configuration
    • Isolated RS485 port on board for MODBUS
    • Integrated USB Host for uploading/downloading FW/Configuration with USB key
  • High accuracy of voltage and current measurement
  • Cloud-based monitoring and control
  • Active SMS and emails in different languages*
  • Up to 5 languages in the controller
  • Configurable MODBUS
  • Support of MODBUS RTU/TCP* or SNMP* v1/v2c
  • Detailed history with up to 350 events
  • Load shedding, dummy load capability
  • Tier 4 Final support
  • Automatic temperature based cooling/heating
  • Comprehensive gen-set protections
  • Multipurpose flexible timers with full calendar
  • True RMS measurement


Technical specifications

InteliGen 200
Power supply range 8-36 VDC
Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
Operating humidity 90% w/o condensation
Front panel protection IP65
Display Built-in monocromatic 3’2″
Resolution 132 x 64 px
Binary inputs number 8 non-isolated
Binary outputs number 8 non-isolated
Communications USB, RS485, CAN-1, CAN-2


Optional extension plug-in modules:

  • GSM modem/4G wireless internet and GPS locator.
  • Ethernet interface.
  • GSM modem/GPRS wireless internet.
  • RS232-485 dual port interface.
  • BIO8-EFCP (8 additional binary inputs/outputs; current measurement).