InteliDrive Telecom

The InteliDrive Telecom is a engine controller specifically designed for telecom tower applications.


What are the main features of the InteliDrive Telecom?

  • Automatic or manual start/stop of the engine.
  • Programmable On/Off panel button.
  • Support of engines with Electronic Control Unit (ECU) – J1939 or Cummins Modbus.
  • Analog gauge (VDO, Datcon and others) outputs – operator friendly.
  • Smooth engine speed control.
  • 7 configurable binary inputs.
  • 7 configurable binary outputs.
  • Also 7 configurable analog inputs (3 resistive, 4 voltage) + 2 not configurable voltage inputs.
  • Selectable protections alarm/shutdown.
  • 3 level of password protection.
  • USB, RS485/RS232/Modem/Modbus communication.
  • Automatic SMS on alarm.
  • On-line control and monitoring over web pages (embedded web server) via IB-Lite.
  • Optional GSM/GPRS modem/wireless Internet via IL-NT GPRS.
  • AirGate support.
  • 2 languages (user changeable).
  • Real time clock and event history log.
  • PLC functions: PID loop, Comparators, Timers.
  • Push buttons for simple control, lamp test.
  • Front panel sealed to IP65.
  • EN, UL certifications.

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