InteliDrive Lite Fire Pump Controller

ComAp’s InteliDrive Lite Fire Pump Controller (FPC) is a modular engine controller designed for diesel-driven fire pumps applications based on the NFPA 20 standard.

ComAp InteliDrive Lite Fire Pump Controller

The InteliDrive Lite Fire Pump Controller utilises the hardware of a standard ComAp industrial engine controller, with a proven track record for flexible and reliable control gas or diesel applications.

Manual operation allows the diesel engine to be started using local buttons on the fascia of the controller or by external buttons on the control panel. Automatic mode of operation provides starting by a remote digital input switch or system pressure switch.

The control system incorporates two battery starter systems; the controller monitors the voltage on both battery systems, automatically switching between battery sets on a cyclic basis or low battery voltage condition.

What are the main features for the InteliDrive Lite Fire Pump Controller?

  • Possibility of monitoring and control via internet and cellular network.
  • Analog gauge (VDO, Datcon and others) outputs – operator friendly.
  • Pressure regulation loop and load limitation.
  • Support of engines equipped with Electronic Control Unit (ECU) – J1939 or Cummins Modbus interface.
  • VDO type analog gauges outputs – 8 configurable channels.
  • Selectable protections alarm/shutdown.
  • Setpoints adjustable via controller buttons or PC.
  • Real time clock and event history log.
  • Engine speed control by 3 predefined binary inputs, speed up/down binary inputs or one analog input.
  • Analog oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, battery voltage and engine speed (pick-up).
  • Automatic or manual start/stop of the engine.
  • Automatic starting sequence based on two batteries according to NFPA 20 standard.
  • 6 LED indicators (Alarm, Warning, Not Ready, Running, Battery A, Battery B).
  • Front panel sealed to IP65.
  • InteliDrive Lite FPC controller meets several standards (EN, NFPA).

Technical Specifications

Power supply: 8 – 36 VDC
Binary inputs: 7
Binary outputs: 7
Analog inputs: 7
Communication capabilities: USB
Display; Graphic back-lit LCD
128 x 64 pixels
Operating temperature: -20°C to +70 °C regular unit
-40°C to +70 °C low-temperature unit
Dimensions: 180 x 120 x 55 mm
Weight: 450g

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