InteliDrive Lite EM Motor Controller

The InteliDrive Lite EM is an integrated control solution for Single or Three phase AC electric motors.  It allows operation of the motor either manually, remotely or automatically.

InteliDrive Lite EM

The InteliDrive EM controller has many motor protections as standard including both overload and overcurrent protection. Many different applications which are driven by an electric motor can be controlled and protected by the controller. Optional remote control allows complete monitoring of the application.

Like all ComAp products, ease of use is an important design philosophy, so InteliDrive EM features a powerful graphic display providing user-friendly information in an easy to understand format. Instrumentation of internal values on analog gauges makes it simple to use, even for untrained personnel. Remote control and monitoring is possible via analog/GSM/GPRS modem or Internet. The InteliDrive EM controller is provided with LiteEdit PC software enabling the user to freely configure the inputs and outputs to suit individual application requirements.

What are the benefits to using the InteliDrive Lite EM controller?

The remote monitoring capabilities will help to reduce any call-out costs of service engineers and the wireless remote control gives access the new functions of the controller. The controller is able to communicate via SMS or emails in the event of an alarm, meaning staff can be alerted without being on site. The detailed history log feature allows for easy troubleshooting and warranty claim handling. The InteliDrive Lite EM is easy to program and use, so less engineering expertise is required in a wide range of applications.

What are the main features of the InteliDrive Lite EM?

  • Electric Motor control, monitoring and protection.
  • All common ways to start asynchronous motor:
    • Direct
    • Y-D
    • SoftStarter starting
    • Optimized Y-D starting
  • Setpoints adjustable via controller buttons or PC.
  • 3 levels of password protection.
  • USB, RS485 or RS232, GSM/GPRS.
  • Real time clock and event history log.
  • Automatic or manual start/stop of the motor.
  • Multiple control for up to 6 motors by one controller.
  • Backup function: when the motor fails, the controller starts the standby motor.
  • Simple PLC structure.
  • Graphic back-lit LCD display 128×64 pixels.
  • 7 configurable binary inputs and outputs.
  • 3 configurable analog inputs.
  • 2 LED indicators.
  • Front panel sealed to IP65.
  • Power supply 8–36 VDC.
  • Operating temperature:
    • –20°C to +70°C regular unit
    • –40°C to +70°C low temperature unit
  • 3 phase voltage and overcurrent protections.
  • A choice of protective options including alarm or shutdown.
  • True RMS current and voltage measurement.

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