InteliDrive DCU Marine

The InteliDrive DCU Marine is an engine controller specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the marine market.

The unit provides a high level of performance with extensive communications and safety functions, as well as primary/secondary power switching. The controller is easily integrated into the ship’s control system and has the capability fully communicate with electronic engines.

The InteliDrive DCU Marine has an engine specific approach which allows the unit to communicate fully with the engine’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU), delivering a greater range of values, and most importantly, delivering all diagnostic information in easy to read text, rather than potentially confusing codes or flashing lights.

What are the main benefits of the InteliDrive DCU Marine?

  • Support of machinery with multiple CAN devices (ECU, ACM, SCR etc.)
  • Event driven History up to 4 000 records
  • Redundant architecture: Main unit + Backup module
  • Backup ID-RPU module with hardwired protections
  • Plug&Play support of InteliVision display family of ComAp IV5CANBL, IV8MARINE, IV12TOEM
  • Tier 4 Final control and visualization
  • Configurable large PLC interpret with PLC editor and monitor
  • Connection to engine via primary J1939 and backup J1587 buses
  • Speed/load control via J1939/J1587 buses, Modbus, Binary and Analogue signals
  • Configurable Modbus Registers, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP support for easy integration into the ship’s control system
  • Symmetrical load sharing for propulsion engines with J1939 (via CAN bus)
  • Integrated load and clutch control
  • Switching between primary and secondary battery
  • Virtual shared inputs and outputs via CAN
  • Over-speed and Emergency stop detection
  • Communication capabilities including RS232, RS485, Modem, Modbus, Internet, Ethernet
  • Remote monitoring via Modbus, TCP/IP, AirGate
  • Cloud-based monitoring and control via WebSupervisor
  • Active e-mail messaging and SMS
  • Available also in low temperature (LT) version
  • Extendable with ComAp peripheral modules

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