ComAp InteliCharger 500 20A battery charger

The ComAp InteliCharger 500 is the ultimate generator battery charger. It combines 20A output for exceptionally fast charging and advanced microprocessor control to reduce stress on the battery, while preserving its functionality and longevity.

The ComAp InteliCharger 500 combines 20A output and advanced microprocessor control to reduce stress on the battery.

The ComAp InteliCharger 500 combines 20A output and advanced microprocessor control to reduce stress on the battery.

These advanced features supplement a raft of other useful capabilities. Overload protection means the InteliCharger 500 will automatically cut out when the battery is fully charged, even with the charger still connected to the mains.

Short-circuit protection also comes as standard due to it being a necessity for backup generators. Without short-circuit protection the charger would have to be disconnected before the generator starts. That’s not possible on backup generators that need to start automatically when mains power fails.

Like other chargers in the ComAp range, the InteliCharger 500 can charge a wide range of battery types. They are compatible with many types as well as well as standard lead-acid batteries:

  • VRLA.
  • AGM.
  • gel.
  • flooded lead-acid.
  • and NiCad batteries.

The InteliCharger 500’s multi-stage charge process and intelligent control system means that batteries can be left on constant charge with no danger of damage or over-charging. It is fully protected against:

  • overload.
  • reverse battery connection.
  • over-voltage.
  • and over temperature.

In addition, it includes a potentiometer to vary the charger’s output.

To complete its list of safety features, the InteliCharger 500 includes a comprehensive fail alarm function. It alerts the generator’s control system and an operator via a series of LEDs on the front fascia. It detects fails such as charge fail, mains fail, DC under and over voltage and positive or negative earth fault. This allows maintenance to be carried out, so the disaster of an uncharged battery failing to start an emergency generator can be avoided.


ComAp InteliCharger 500 Specifications

ComAp InteliCharger 500
Output voltage (V). 24.0.
Output current (A). 20.0.
Input voltage (VAC). 90 – 132 & 180 – 264.
Input frequency (Hz). 47 – 63.
Operating temperature (C). -20 – +50.
Efficiency. 89%.
Over-temperature protection. Yes.
Short-circuit protection. Yes.
Reverse connection protection. Yes.
Fail alarm. Yes.
Display panel. No.
Mounting. Bolt / screw.
Size (hwd) (mm). 231 x 146 x 138.
Weight (g). 3,200.