ComAp InteliCharger 120 12A & 24A battery charger

The ComAp InteliCharger 120 series are DIN rail-mounted generator battery chargers. They support both fast and slow charging of 12 and 24V batteries. Despite their physical difference, the two models in the range will support most environments.


ComAp intelicharger 120

The ComAp InteliCharger 120 series are DIN rail-mounted chargers that include novel options such as support for 12 and 24V batteries in a single charger

The InteliCharger 120 12-24 is one of the few battery chargers that supports both 12 and 24V batteries. This makes it an excellent choice for service engineers because they can carry a single charger that fits any situation.

The InteliCharger 120 series can charge a wide range of battery types. As well as standard lead-acid batteries they are also compatible with VRLA, AGM, gel, flooded lead-acid and NiCad batteries.

Battery chargers are designed to be permanently connected to a generator’s battery. They do not need to be disconnected when the generator is started due to their short-circuit protection, which prevents any damage being caused to the battery or the charger.

The InteliCharger 120’s two-stage charge process and intelligent control system means that batteries can be left on constant charge with no danger of damage or over-charging. It is fully protected against overload, reverse battery connection, over-voltage as well as over temperature. It also includes a potentiometer to vary the charger’s output.

Both models include a fail alarm which sends an alert signal to the generator’s control system if it detects a problem. Proper maintenance will then be carried out which prevents the disaster of an uncharged battery failing to start an emergency generator.


ComAp InteliCharger 120 12 and 12-24 Specifications

ComAp InteliCharger 120 12 ComAp InteliCharger 120 12-24
Output voltage (V). 12.0. 12.0 & 24.0.
Output current (A). 10.0. 5.0 & 6.0.
Input voltage (VAC). 90 – 305. 90 – 305.
Input frequency (Hz). 47 – 63. 47 – 63.
Operating temperature (C). -10 to +50. -10 to +50.
Efficiency. 89%. 90%.
Over-temperature protection. Yes. Yes.
Short-circuit protection. Yes. Yes.
Reverse connection protection. Yes. Yes.
Fail alarm. Yes. Yes.
Display panel. No. No.
Mounting. DIN rail. DIN rail.
Size (hxwxd) (mm) 114 x 72 x 136. 47 x 115 x 111.
Weight (g). 650. 300.