InteliBiFuel 20 – ComAp

The ComAp InteliBifuel 20 is a control system package which will enable 4 stroke diesel engines, generating sets as well as pumps to operate on Bi-fuel.

The ComAp InteliBifuel 20 control package includes:

  • InteliBifuel CU – a highly configurable expandable Bi-fuel control unit with built-in PLC functions
  • The InteliBifuel DENOX 20 – an anti-knocking system with multiple (up to 20) channels
  • InteliBifuel DFM – a Dual Fuel Module for fuel control and monitoring

This controller package is suitable for all diesel engines up to a maximum of 20 cylinders and for various types of gases.

Designed to be highly flexible and versatile, the extended InteliBifuel product family offers a range of engine specific versions suitable for any type of Bi-fuel application. Tailored control requirements for specific applications can be met from available additional modules which offer multiple input and output configurations and possibilities.


What are the main features of the InteliBifuel 20 package?

  • Primary parameters are set with strict attention to engine safety, monitoring and protection.
  • Integrated proactive knocking and misfiring protection control (up to 20 channels).
  • Support of engines with EFI (ECU) – CAN/J1939 or Cummins Modbus.
  • 500 event driven history records.
  • Engine measurement from sensors or via J1939.
  • 14 binary inputs, 14 binary outputs, 8 analog inputs.
  • Expandable to over 100 binary inputs and outputs is available via additional modules.
  • 3 level password protection.
  • Remote control and monitoring via analog/GSM modem, SMS or Internet.
  • Configurable PLC functions
    • (Logical, Mathematical, Comparators, Analog switch, PID loops, Counters, Timers, Delay and others).
  • RS232, Modem, Modbus and also Internet communication.
  • EN, UL, CSA, NFPA certifications.


So, how does it work?
intelibifuel 20

Bi-fuel is an economically and environmentally friendly option to diesel. The InteliBifuel controller is able to modify the diesel engine to substitute a major percentage of the diesel fuel with gas.

Supported gases include:

What are the benefits of a bi-fuel generator installation?

  • Up to 70% of diesel consumption is replaced by gas.
  • Allows a flexible use of fuel.
  • Seamless and automatic changeover to 100% diesel operation.
  • Maintains the diesel engine’s guaranteed power output.
  • Dramatically reduced operating costs.
  • Ensures the best performance in every situation.
  • Significant reduction in engine emissions.
  • With the use of a catalytic converter, it can reduce levels of CO2.
  • Extended run times between refuelling.
  • Extended engine life as well as an reduction in maintenance costs.