The InteliATS NT STD controller is designed to monitor the incoming AC mains supply (1 or 3 phases) for under voltage, over voltage, under frequency, over frequency and voltage unbalance.


In the case of any mains supply disproportion, it will send a remote start command to the generating set and make changes over both generator and mains contactors. The gen-set requires a remote start type control unit (e.g. the ComAp InteliLite MRS 16 controller).

The products belong to the new family of controllers that fulfills every requirement from simple to complex applications – with specific models providing modem and Internet control,user configuration and complete gen-set monitoring and protection.

Both InteliATS NT controllers are easy to use with an intuitive user interface and graphic display.

What are the main features of the InteliATS NT STD?

  • Transfer between mains and generator power.
  • Open delayed transition.
  • Closed transition (short time parallel, passive synchronization).
  • On-site controller configuration.
  • Less wiring and components.
  • Less engineering and programming.
  • Remote monitoring reduced call-out costs of service engineers.
  • Active SMS / emails.
  • Perfect price / performance ratio.

What is the difference between the InteliATS NT PWR and STD?


7 binary inputs 4 binary inputs
7 binary outputs 4 binary outputs
Gen-set remote start Gen-set remote start
ATS, MCB and GCB control ATS, MCB and GCB control
Power measuring N/A
Event and performance log N/A
Passive synchronisation N/A
High tariff avoidance High tariff avoidance
Generator connection types Generator connection types


IB-Lite Internet / Ethernet Module including Web Server
IL-NT RD (SW) Remote Display Software for the master controller
IL-NT RS232 RS232 Extension Board
IL-NT RS232-485 Dual Port Extension Board
IL-NT S-USB Service USB Module
IL-NT GPRS GSM modem/ wireless Internet module
IL-NT BIO8 Binary input/ output module
IL-NT AOUT8 Analog outputs for PWM gauges module


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