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The world of mains protection is changing, with the introduction of EREC G99-1. G99-1 replaced G59-3.4 on the 27th April 2019. Learn more about this new recommendation from the ENA here.

The InteliPro G59-3.4 G99 Mains Protection Relay is the ideal product for generators connected to the distribution network.

The InteliPro meets the strictest utility interconnection requirements, including the brand new G99-1 non-type tested and so can be used in wide ranges of distributed generation applications such as Photovoltaic, Wind, Fuel Cell, Bio Mass and Combined Heat and Power.

The relay has advanced communication capabilities, such as remote monitoring control via web browser, active SMS, email messaging and data/event logging. These make the InteliPro an excellent choice for remote controlled installation.



G99-1 is an important change to mains protection. Coming into effect on 27th April 2019, it has replaced the long-standing G59 regulations (including the latest G59-3.4 standard). Learn more here about the changes.

InteliPro features

  • True RMS measurement of U, f, I for increased accuracy and also reliable failure evaluation.
  • Sealed to IP65 for door-mount application and the clear graphical display allows full accessibility.
  • Compatibility with DNO testing procedures. A relay failure can lead to expensive commissioning delays while finding a replacement.
  • Full configurability with support of I/O extension modules for increased flexibility.
  • Microprocessor based with watchdog reporting provides increased reliability to installation.
  • Detailed history log fully records the nature of mains disturbances, and even brown-outs are fully recorded.
  • Event/Time based history to facilitate detailed fault diagnostics.
  • Distant configuration through LiteEdit computer application.
  • Password protection ensures settings are fully secured.
  • Advanced on-line communication notifies you immediately of changes in your mains-connection.
  • Availability of optional features to suit best to the utility requirements.
  • Suitable for medium-voltage systems.
  • Free assignment of 8 binary inputs, 9 binary outputs and 3 analog inputs.
  • Two stage protection settings of voltage, frequency, power, overcurrent and neutral voltage displacement.

The InteliPro Mains Protection Relay is designed to comply to the following statutory codes:

  • IEC 60255.
  • G10, G83, G59-3.4, G99-1
  • IEEE1547.
  • VDE-V-0126-1-1.
  • UL508.
  • BDEW.
  • CEI 0-16.

Available Extension Modules

Product. Description. Order Code.
IC-NT CT-BIO7. 1 phase current input and binary input/output module. IC-NT-CT-BIO7.
IG-IOM. Analog/binary input/output module. IG-IOM.
IGS-PTM. Analog/binary input/output module. IGS-PTM.
IL-NT-AIO. Analog input/output module. IL-NT-AIO.
CT2-REL2. Relay output and analog input module (default). CT2-REL2.
IL-NT RS232. Direct connection (PC)by RS232. IL-NT-232.
IL-NT RS232-485. Dual Port Extension Board with RS232 and RS485. IL-NT-232-485.
IL-NT S-USB. Service USB Module. IL-NT S-USB.
IB-Lite. Internet / Ethernet Module including Web Server. IB-Lite.
IL-NT GPRS. GSM / GPRS Modem Plug-In Module. IL-NT GPRS.

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