Bi-fuel controls

ComAp’s simple bi-fuel controls modify your original diesel power generation engine so that it uses natural gas as the main fuel – substantially reducing operating costs. It works by introducing gas into the engine and then electronically controlling gas flow dependent on engine speed and output.

bi-fuel controls

ComAp’s InteliBiFuel range of bi-fuel controls allows for a simple conversion that will dramatically reduce operating costs

The simple bi-fuel conversion dramatically reduces operating costs. With gas being significantly cheaper than diesel in many parts of the world, a bi-fuel conversion lets a diesel engine use gas as its primary fuel. Diesel then becomes the ‘standby’ fuel used only during start up and under prime load.

Use ComAp’s Bi-Fuel calculator to see just how much you could potentially save here.


What bi-fuel controls are available?

ComAp carry the full range of ComAp’s Bi-Fuel controllers:

  • InteliBiFuel – A fully programmable controller designed for any single speed Bi-fuel application.
  • The InteliBiFuel LITE – A cost-effective, compact solution designed for single speed Bi-fuel applications at nominal output power up to 200 kW.
  • InteliBiFuel Mobile – A fully programmable solution designed for any mobile variable speed applications such as mining haul trucks, fracking trucks, locomotives or marine propulsion engines.


Applications of a bi-fuel conversion

  • Power generation using flare gas – The Bi-fuel system uses flare-gas to substitute the diesel portion of the fuel. This application is particularly efficient as it uses gas that would normally be burned as a waste product during oil production.
  • Virtual pipeline gas distribution – In many places of the world gas infrastructure is not well established yet and so InteliBifuel is great option to use gas from virtual pipelines.
  • Remote mine power with stored gas – In this application natural gas is provided from on-site storage tanks, alongside standard diesel tanks. This is particularly useful for ‘semi-permanent’ or rental power generation applications such as mines, holiday resorts or long-term construction sites.
  • Conversion on a mine haul truck – Diesel is a major cost on any mine site so InteliBifuel MOBILE has recently been adapted for use on mobile machinery such as haul trucks which will provide operators with significant financial savings.


What does a bi-fuel genset offer you?

  • Up to 70% of diesel consumption is replaced by gas.
  • Allows a flexible use of fuel.
  • Seamless and automatic changeover to 100% diesel operation.
  • Maintains the diesel engine’s guaranteed power output.
  • Dramatically reduced operating costs.
  • Ensures the best performance in every situation.
  • Significant reduction in engine emissions.
  • With the use of a catalytic converter, it can reduce levels of CO2.
  • Extended run times between refuelling.
  • Extended engine life and also reduction in maintenance costs.


So, how do bi-fuel controls work?

ComAp’s bi-fuel controls are fully automatic, dynamic self-modulating solutions fitted with a gas throttle actuator. The solution maximises gas usage automatically as loads vary, so it requires no manual adjustment.

The ComAp range includes easy to fit bi-fuel management packages for use as a standard control platform for diesel generators. The InteliBiFuel control systems are suited to generator packagers and also original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking to deliver more economically beneficial power packages.

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