Arcteq Protection Relays

ComAp carry a wide range of protection relays from Arcteq.

Arcteq was formed in 2010 by a team of engineers and specialists who have more than a century of combined experience in protection relays, gained with some of the best-known names in the market sector.

Arcteq Arc Protection

The Arcteq arc protection system offers both detection and the ’cure’ to arc faults. By detecting and eliminating the arc quickly, it prevents serious injury to staff and assists in limiting damage to just one area.

The AQ100 arc flash relay detects the light, current or pressure produced by an arc fault and is able to trip the circuit breaker nearest to the fault, cutting the current. The AQ1000 arc quenching system will create a three-phase low impedance parallel path for the fault current, drawing the arc fault into the quenching unit, extinguishing the arc rather than letting it extend into the switchgear.

 AQ 200 Series

Arcteq’s AQ 200 series high performance protection IEDs are developed to cover any transmission or distribution network protection and control application.

This high performance product line offers a variety of solutions for line distance and differential protection, distributed or centralized busbar protection, machine protection and feeder protection.

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