Webinar: Regain control over your rental gensets

March 17th, 2017

If your equipment isn’t running, you’re not earning. But you can’t guarantee who’s using your equipment and how they’re treating it. Join our live webinar on April 6th to see how you can keep a close eye on your equipment.

Your hire contract’s small print only offers partial protection against misuse. You can try and get the equipment repaired under the manufacturer’s warranty upon its return, but most manufacturers now exclude damage caused by bad fuel, inadequate lubrication and poor maintenance.

It’s also likely that you’re losing out on large amounts of revenue because you only have the capability to charge by the day. A week’s rental could see your genset working 14 hours a day instead of the 8 hours you expected.

This, combined with a lack of technology to remotely monitor and control equipment leaves you blind to your equipment.

All of this adds up to a loss of time and revenue.

The ComAp Academy is hosting two webinars on Thursday 6th April at 9am and 4pm (BST). It has been specifically created for those within the rental market; both rental companies and the manufacturers of gensets.

Co-presented between ComAp product specialists and ComAp, we will be covering simple ways to gain control of your rental gensets, including:

  • Using geotracking and geofencing capabilities to accurately pinpoint the location of gensets and shut them down remotely if they stray too far.
  • Setting up specific rental timers to maximise profitability from equipment, by charging by the hour instead of by the day.
  • An extensive history log available to determine how well the genset has been treated and if important alarms were heeded or ignored.
  • Using superior remote monitoring, giving the ability to remote command the genset or even shut it down.

If you’re interested in maximising revenue from your equipment, register for the webinar here.