ComAp at Data Centre World – 13th March 2019

February 4th, 2019

ComAp are heading to this year’s Data Centre World show at the ExCeL, London.

We are hosting an evening reception at the Fox@Connaught on the 13th March for our suppliers and customers both exhibiting and attending the show.

When? Wednesday 13th March, 3:00pm – 11:00pm

Where? Fox@Connaught, Lynx Way, London E16 1JR

Experts from our Fuel Conditioning, Engine Controls and Emissions Solutions divisions will be hosting. This relaxed environment gives you the perfect opportunity to chat with our team about improving and safeguarding the reliability of your backup power. Plus, a few drinks and some dinner will be well deserved after a long two days at the show!

If you’d like to join us, please get in touch!

Fuel Conditioning

It is essential that data centres have a robust back up power infrastructure in place. Having clean fuel is critical for a genset to start reliably should there be a mains power failure.
Unfortunately, due to the percentage of biological matter added to diesel in order to reduce emissions, diesel fuel is only expected to stay in a usable condition for 6-12 months. It is then more susceptible to contamination from three main sources: water, microbial growth and solid particulates. ComAp has a range of solutions that can remove fuel contamination and keep your diesel at EN 590 specifications, from testing the fuel through to cleaning and maintaining it.


Engine Controls

Having a controller on a genset needs to be more than having the ability to turn it on and off. ComAp’s controllers (distributed in the UK by ComAp) and corresponding displays allow data centre operators to remotely configure, monitor and control gensets. Access levels and passwords can also be utilised to ensure only those qualified to do so can access your gensets controls. Having a robust control system is another way of safeguarding the back up of a data centre.


Emissions Solutions

Whilst diesel gensets remain the most popular and reliable choice for back up power, the focus is now moving to emissions and the legislation controlling them. By October 2019, ALL diesel gensets (regardless of their application) will need to be permitted with the Environment Agency. Other pieces of legislation to contend with include the Medium Combustion Plant Directive and Clean Air Zones. Each of these come with their own emissions limit values and routes to compliance. ComAp’s range of emissions solutions focuses on the reduction of NOx and Particulate Matter using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and Gas-to-Liquid Fuel.