InteliVision 17

September 11th, 2012

A major Telecommunications Company in the UK recently expanded their Data Centre on the outskirts of London. The Data Centre houses data storage, telecommunication racks and servers and UPS power supply systems; providing 24/7 operation, as required by the mobile phone industry.

Power Control Solutions Ltd a company are based in Scotland who were appointed by the telecommunications company to provide a control and monitoring solution for the new backup generator system. Supporting the large expansion, the backup system needed to provide power in the event of mains outage.

ComAp, the UK Distributor for ComAp products, was asked to assist Power and Control Solutions Ltd with commissioning a complete backup system.

Power and Control Solutions Ltd, in conjunction with ComAp, supplied the InteliVision 17” Touch HMI Panel. This ComAp solution incorporates control buttons to allow the user to activate Mains Fail Test or No Break Transfer test while stood on front of the InteliVision 17 HMI Panel.

The controllers were supplied to the switchgear manufacturer, to be installed in accordance with Power and Control Solutions Wiring schematics. 5-off IM-NT controllers were used for the breaker controls on the main switchboard; this comprised of 2-off IM-NT with MCB Application software for mains Incomer A & B, 1-off IM-NT with bus tie application software on the bus tie breaker and a further 2-off IM-NT with bus tie application software (acting as the Master Common Generator Breaker for each pair of A side and B side generators). 4-off CAT generators were each fitted with IG-NT controllers; a secondary switchboard also contained a further 3-off IM-NT controller, to control sub feeders and bus tie onto the UPS switchboard.

The backup generator system consists of 4-off CAT 3512 powered Diesel Generators backing up 2-off incoming mains transformers. The switchboard arrangement is an “H” type system, with a bus tie breaker running in normally open condition. In the event of a single mains fail, the bus tie closes and the load is fed via a single mains supply. If there is a total mains outage then the 4-off Standby Diesel Generators are called to run, allowed to run in loadshare across the bus tie.

On the return of mains power, the Generators will synchronise with the mains supply, providing a No-Break return to mains; the bus tie will open after the second mains have returned.

The Benefits:

  • Various Screens were created in the InteliMonitor Software to allow all Breaker Sections of the Switchgear to be monitored from the InteliVision 17 Display.
  • The customer maintenance technicians are extremely pleased with the system: “The control solution offers simple testing of the generators, allowing the operator to see exactly what is happening on the system via the InteliVision 17 Display”.
  • With the controls incorporated into the system and a Touch Screen InteliVision 17 Display, the customer has all the required control and monitoring features at his fingertips.
  • The system was also integrated into the plant BMS system to provide a continuous status of the condition of the plant, providing alarm indication of any fault on the system to the company headquarters.