Important changes to ComAp’s WebSupervisor

October 19th, 2017

There are important changes coming to ComAp’s cloud-based software, WebSupervisor (WSV).

As you may have seen, ComAp have recently released WebSupervisor 4.0.

ComAp will therefore be discontinuing WebSupervisor 3.4.

The software will cease operation on November 30th 2017.

As the old and new WebSupervisor are different products, you will need to register for the new WSV before using it. You can do that here.

To make the upgrade to WebSupervisor 4.0., please get in contact with the team at ComAp for assistance at

The new WebSupervisor will give you more flexibility. Instead of being a ‘one-size fits all’ solution, you are able to have the best software solution for your business. This includes having the option to have the software cloud-based or hosted on your own server equipment.

The new WSV offers three types of plans:

  • WebSupervisor Lite
  • WebSupervisor Pro
  • WebSupervisor On Premises

WebSupervisor Lite is offered free of charge and WebSupervisor Pro and WebSupervisor On Premises are paid versions.

Compared to WSV Lite, WSV Pro offers the following features:

  • Automated generated reports.
  • Integration with Business systems via API.
  • 3rd Party Device Support (using ComAp Communication gateway).
  • Branding option (company colours and logo and customised login page).
  • GeoTracking.
  • WebControl control (Multiple control on one press).
  • Dashboard.
  • 1 year back data available for trends.
  • Advanced graph representation (Bar graph / Heat maps).
  • Controller History download (manually / scheduled).
  • Quick connection to PC tools.
  • Legacy IS-CU with FW 3.4 & higher support.

Once registering for the new WSV, you can get WebSupervisor Pro for a 3 month trial free of charge.