Disruption to ComAp Technical Support

July 14th, 2016

Due to the current move to a new head office by ComAp, there will be a short disruption in their Technical Support Capabilities.

From 7am Thursday July 28th, until 8am Monday August 1st ComAp Tech Support will be unable to receive any emails, or any tech support requests from their website.

Unfortunately all of ComAp’s email services will be disrupted during this period, and they will not be able to monitor emails or respond to them until their I.T. infrastructure is back up and running on Monday August 1st.

Their phone line will still be available, so ComAp will be able to assist you in urgent cases.

If your Tech Support request is urgent, please contact ComAp via phone on (+420) 246 012 666.

The ComAp team is still able to assist you if you have queries during this time. Please call us on 0121 511 0420 to speak to a member of our ECD team.

ComAp will also not be able to receive, process or ship any orders during this period.

Please note: WebSupervisor, AirGate, and www.comap.cz are unaffected by the move and will continue to function as normal. However, you will not be able to purchase any additional software features, or use DistView.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this disruption and we are working hard to keep disruption to a minimum.