ComAp Obsolete Products 2019

December 14th, 2018

ComAp have released their latest list of obsoleted products that comes into effect January 2019.

There are two different categories of obsolescence which are defined as below:

  • Obsolescence: lasts 12 months, the price is increased but the products are normally available in stock/with standard lead times
  • Refer For Availability (RFA): A product stays in this category for 5 years. Pricing increases and the products may not be in stock/available. Products in RFA may not be available at all or ComAp only keep minimum stock for warranty purposes only (not for general sales).

Obsolete products in 2019:

Obsolete product Replacement product
InteliNanoNT MRS InteliNanoNT MRS 3phs
LiteEdit 2015 software InteliConfig software
IS-BIN 16/8 New generation of IO Module (I-IO8/8)


Refer For Availability (RFA) products:

  • Remote annunciator – IGL-RA15
  • IV17T2
  • IG-NT(C)-GC LT
  • IBF-CU
  • IG-Display LT GC
  • and other accessories (including antennas, converters and ISV dongles).