ComAp MainsPro Software Guide 1.5

August 26th, 2014

ComAp have released version 1.5 of the MainsPro Software Guide. The guide is available from the MainsPro web page.

The new MainsPro Software Guide includes a number of useful enhancements that can improve the capabilities of your MainsPro installation. These include:

New features

  • Default setting change: The factory default setting of the MainsPro unit was adjusted to cover the functionalities and default limits requested ComAp requirements. See more in the user documentation.
  • Rename of setpoints: The setpoint LOM Trip Del was renamed to LOM Trp Del and setpoint A.LOM Trip Del was renamed to A.LOM Trp Del
  • Division of voltage setting: The setpoint Uin has now three options instead of the curent two (230/400V and 120V), the option 230/400 was divided into separate options. The menu looks as follows:





Default: 230V

  • New binary output added: New BO Alt Sig was added. This BO signals activation of the BI Alt (Alternative setting), so this BO Alt Sig is active as long as the BI Alt is active and Alt setting is enabled.
  • Binary output U sig adjustment: Activation of U Sig is now triggered not only by activation of under/over voltage protection, but includes also activation of Average overvoltage protection Avg V>.
  • Setpoint adjustment: All the setpoints within voltage unbalance group “V Unb” has changed units from Volts to %Un (%of nominal voltage). Setpoints are defined as follows:

V unb, A.V unb

Range: 0,0- 100,0 %Un

Step: 0,1%Un

Default: 0,0%Un

V< pos, A.V< pos

Range: 0,0- 100,0 %Un

Step: 0,1%Un

Default: 0,0%Un

V> neg, A.V> neg

Range: 0,0- 100,0 %Un

Step: 0,1%Un

Default: 0,0%Un


Correction of the BI Disable behaviour: In the fw 1.5 activation of the BI Disable triggers trips / activates relay outputs which is unwanted behaviour. Correct behaviour is that activation of the BI Dis will freeze the unit and block its functionality, due to which no relay outputs could be activated.

Automatic updates

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