ComAp InteliLite: Next Generation Single Genset Controller

August 4th, 2016

Rental companies, genset packagers, panel builders and genset users – there’s something for everybody inside the new ComAp InteliLite.

comap inteliliteController manufacturers used to be able to get away with selling basic controls for entry-level gensets.

Not anymore. ComAp’s new InteliLite controller has re-written the rulebook.

The world’s most successful single genset controller family has lots of new features to improve flexibility, usability and communication capabilities. These exciting features include:

  • 4G connectivity means your customers can communicate wirelessly with their gensets.
  • GPS and geo-tracking means you can promote an “unlosable” genset.
  • A brilliant processor and more memory support powerful PLC capabilities.
  • An hourly and daily charging capability is great for rental operators.
  • Geo-fencing stops a genset if it’s too far from its base.
  • Tier 4 Final compatibility means it meets tomorrow’s emissions standards.
  • Costs are kept low by packaging some features as options – customers only pay for what they need.
  • USB is included as standard.
  • It needs a smaller cut-out than earlier controllers so it suits small panels.
  • Plug-in modules fit comfortably inside the control with no overlap.
  • The InteliLite AMF can be switched into an MRS configuration so you only stock one model. AMF and MRS models costs practically the same so why stock both?

The ComAp InteliLite allows you to communicate and control your gen-set through many channels including SMS, email, SNMP, WebSupervisor and LiteEdit software.

To learn more about what this new family of controllers can do for you, contact the ComAp Engine Control team on 0121 511 0420 now.