Mains protection for contractors

Building power generation facilities is your area of technical expertise but it’s satisfying customers that keeps you in business. When providing mains protection for renewable power sources and gensets ComAp’s MainsPro and InteliPro G59 mains protection relays give you a strong competitive advantage:

  • Offer what your customers want: all businesses want a simple, trusted product with the features they need: that’s MainsPro. Don’t try to sell them a five-wheeled car!
  • Maintain your customer relationships: most businesses are risk-averse and wary of change; using MainsPro and InteliPro reassures them that their supply chain is stable and dependable.
  • Prove your reliability: support high-quality products like the MainsPro with your expert service and back-up. Only you and MainsPro can give customers the “been there, done that” factor.
  • MainsPro is the industry standard for good reason. MainsPro remains the most effective product on the market thanks to its combination of easy installation, easy programmability and connectivity, a compelling cost-benefit argument and excellent support from ComAp.
  • Be more than a supplier; be a business partner: mains protection isn’t your customers’ top-priority; supplying familiar products makes you an easy contractor to deal with and it leaves customers able to focus on their own priorities.

MainsPro and InteliPro are the best route to mains protection for contractors. As well as their competitive advantage, they incorporate numerous market-leading technical capabilities. See our pages for MainsPro and InteliPro for more details.

MainsPro and InteliPro relays provide mains protection for contractors who serve a wide range of power generation sectors: