InteliSys Gas Webinar

The IPU Academy is designed to help you get the most out of your equipment. With this in mind, we recently hosted the first session about how to get the best out of your gas gensets.

We co-presented the webinar alongside industry leaders, ComAp and we covered:

  • the advantages of gas gensets.
  • the technical challenges of gas gensets.
  • how to make it simpler, quicker and more profitable to commission gas gensets e.g. integrated AFR control and communication with ignition systems, speed governors, anti-knock systems, etc.
  • how to protect your Intellectual Property and market expertise e.g. integrated PLC and in-house programming.
  • how to improve maintenance, reporting and management of gas gensets e.g. precise status reporting and error handling.

If you would like to watch the recording of this webinar, simply complete the form below: