InteliLite for the Rental Market Webinar

Your business is all about the equipment. Your challenge is that you can’t guarantee who’s using the equipment and how they’re treating it. Your hire contract’s small print only offers partial protection. We want to help you gain back that control.

We recently held a webinar containing all the information you need to take back that control.

Co-presented between ComAp product specialists and IPU, we covered:

  • Using geotracking and geofencing capabilities to accurately pinpoint the location of gensets and shut them down remotely if they stray too far
  • Setting up specific rental timers to maximise profitability from equipment, by charging by the hour instead of by the day
  • An¬†extensive history log available to determine how well the genset has been treated and if important alarms were heeded or ignored
  • Using superior remote monitoring, giving the ability to remote command the genset or shut it down.

If you would like to watch the recording of this webinar, simply complete the form below: