Free guide: Extending the life of circuit breakers

The struggle to reduce costs calls for innovative solutions and fresh thinking. This applies to electrical infrastructure as much as any other walk of life.

One such solution is to replace parts of a unit instead of the whole unit. For example, extending the circuit breaker by replacing the trip unit. A replacement trip unit can cost as little as £8,000 whereas replacing the whole circuit breaker can approach £45,000.

A trip unit can also be replaced in just minutes while changing a circuit breaker can take hours. If the circuit breaker serves customer-facing resources such as web servers, phone switchboards and IT systems by replacing the trip unit you can dramatically reduce the impact on your customers.

This free guide covers:

  • The lifecycle of a circuit breaker
  • Implications of circuit breaker replacement
  • Advantages of extending circuit breaker life
  • How IPU solutions extend circuit breaker life

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