The Spirit of Chartwell

Application: IG-NT-MarineLocation: London, UKEngine: Mitsubishi 6D16T

The royal family set sail on the River Thames as part of a flotilla of 1,000 boats, in the spectacular showpiece of four days of nationwide celebrations, marking the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.

However, before the ship could safely set sail, ComAp expert engineers were called into fix serious problems with the ships generators…

The vessel was having a problem with the auxiliary engines/Generators; the Port Side Auxiliary engine was shutting down under specific load impact conditions, plus overspeed shutting down upon start up, when the engine was cold. In order for the heating, lighting, kitchen equipment to work in time for the Jubilee weekend, the engine control problems needed to be fixed ASAP.

After diagnostic checks, ComAp engineers found that the ComAp Electronic Speed Controllers (IG-NT-MARINE) on both the port and starboard auxiliary engines were not set up or tuned/optimised correctly. The problem being that the engines were not reacting fast enough to the load being applied and so removing the load from the gensets resulted in the engines going into intermittent overspeed and shutting down.

Correction and re-tuning of the speed control loops on both Port and Starboard engines resulted in significantly improved reacting times to load changes. Re-tuning also improved the reaction time of synchronising and load sharing when the gensets were paralleled together.

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